ROUND SIX - Circuit de Catalunia Barcelona, SPAIN

1st-2nd October 2022

Race One: Qualified p16 (KL), finished p6.
Race Two: Qualified p14 (GB), finished p8.

Final Silver Drivers Championship: 4th (of 54).

Well that’s it! A good, sunny weekend had by all……Gus Bowers and Konstantine managed p6 in Race 1 and p8 in a very short, (only three laps) Race 2 (due to car crash mayhem at the start).
The boys have driven hard and fast all season, pleased to be securing 4th in the Silver / Pro drivers GT4 European Series. A superb result against the best Europe has to offer.
An awesome team of Racing Spirit of Léman and Aston Martin Racing fabulously supporting the boys, plus great team mates in the #19 car Tom and Akhil, made this season so enjoyable. Thank you so much!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
This championship certainly has the best depth of talent (100+ drivers), combined with the largest grid (50+ cars), driving on F1 graded European circuits. With manufacturers from Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, Alpine, Chevrolet and BMW trading places and rubbing wheels all season long. If a driver has talent and skill then come and compete in this championship, it takes zero prisoners and only the best in Europe survive.
Finally, a huge thank you to all the followers and supporters of Gus. I hope you have enjoyed the updates and we would love to see more of you at the track one day in the future.
Lots of plans and discussions in place for next season already…my feeling is Gus will be very busy indeed 😉. Take care all, have a great winter…refresh, recharge and get stronger, as the grind never stops!!! 👊🏼👊🏼



ROUND FIVE - Hockenheimring, GERMANY

3rd - 4th September 2022

Race One: Qualified p10 (KL), finished p6.
Race Two: Qualified p8 (GB), finished DNF.

Another tough day at the office for Gus and Konstantine!
You gotta love the grind though, anything worth getting always requires hard work, determination, skill and a healthy dose of positive spirit.
Car felt good for the boys going into quail, with a p10 for Konstantine (race1) and a p8 for Gus (race 2). They managed to bag much needed points from race one (p.6 in class) which included a five second post race penalty for Konstantine, after a tap and spin with a Porsche.
Race two began so well for Gus Bowers, with a perfect start strategy on lap one allowing him to get up to p4, then with four other cars finding oil on track on lap two, dropped him back to p10. A hard fought battle over the next few laps got Gus back to p6, before the car in front panicked and closed the door as Gus attempted another superb overtake, forcing contact and a broken track rod, thus no steering and another DNF!
All the drivers worked super hard with Racing Spirit of Léman and Aston Martin Racing to allow them the best opportunity possible. Live sport at this level never disappoints, especially when it comes to racing incidents and drama, with over 20% of the 42 car grid failing to cross the finish line.
Still fourth in the Championship with everything to play for at the last race in Barcelona at the end of the month. Fully focussed already and determined to end the season on a high.



ROUND FOUR - Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, BELGIUM

29th - 30th July 2022

Race One: Qualified p28 (GB), finished p8.
Race Two: Qualified p26 (KL), finished p11.

That was a tough one….difficult to balance the car for optimal running, which resulted in poor quali sessions for both drivers. They started p28 in race 1 and p26 in race 2, so we all expected mid field carnage from the off. Our expectations were duly met!
Great driving in Race 1 by both Gus and Konstantine enabled the guys to finish p8 in class for some much needed championship points.
Race 2 was a disaster, as Konstantine got collected by six other cars at turn one, lap one, restarting in last place (p47) then had to catch up with the field nearly a lap down under the safety car / pit lane process. A superb hard driven stint once the race finally got going, enabled many positions to be clawed back but with the clock ticking down, Gus crossed the line in p11, so no points for that race.
The boys now sit in third position in the championship but just three points separate second to fourth, so all to play for at the next four races to get back the top spot.
We need big results at Hockenheim in Germany at the end of this month. Racing Spirit of Léman, Aston Martin Racing and the drivers are committed, have huge talent and are determined to push for the results they deserve. Let’s take a breath, regroup then go again. This ain’t over yet. 👊🏼


ROUND THREE - Misano World Circuit, ITALY

2nd - 3rd July 2022

Race One: Qualified p8 (KL), finished DNF
Race Two: Qualified p4 (GB), finished DNF

The highlights were the food, pre dinner aperitifs and the fact our pitlane box was just outside Valentino Rossi’s race team garage (he races in a different series with Audi btw). The lowlights were TWO DNF’s, zero points for the whole weekend and sunburn! DNF - defined as “Did Not Finish in a race due mechanical failure, injury or involvement in an accident.”
Well, we had two DNF’s this weekend. Both Gus Bowers and Konstantine are fine and the car is mostly undamaged, although a severe shunt to the rear of the car during the middle of race 1 ensured an early retirement and no race result.
Hard work overnight by Racing Spirit of Léman seemed to fix the car ready for race 2, but after a few hard, very hot laps the car’s performance started to fade and was again retired early with no race result.
A huge disappointment after all the preparation and hard work, but that’s motor sport and racing. On to Spa in sunny ☔️ Belgium 🇧🇪 at the end of the month, giving us all time to regroup, refresh and then go again.


ROUND TWO - Circuit Paul Ricard, FRANCE

4th - 5th May 2022

Race One: Qualified p8 (KL), finished P4
Race Two: Qualified p3 (GB), finished P2

Tres bon! What a jolly nice weekend….we had fun in the sun, with a superb p4 in race one and then a scorcher p2 🥈🍾 in race two! The hot, sunny weather meant tyre, car and driver management was a priority for all the competitors, as the track temp hit 45degC, and air temp steady, at a more than pleasant 30degC! Superb race craft, incredible overtakes, with both of the lads at the top of their game ensured the #10 Aston Martin Vantage GT4 was able to fight at the front of the pack all weekend.
A great haul of points from round two of the GT4 European Series keeps Gus Bowers and Konstantine at the top of the championship with a healthy margin versus their nearest rivals.👊🏼 Racing Spirit of Léman and Aston Martin Racing put in a superb shift all weekend, showing us yet again why the boys feel confident using their skills to peddle hard and get the car to the front of the huge 50 car grid session after session. Thank you so much! A few weeks off then we go again, off to the Italian seaside 🏖☀️🍦🌴with round three at Misano Circuit. Ciao bella!!!



2nd - 3rd April 2022

Race One: Qualified P5 (KL), finished P1.

Race Two: Qualified P1 (GB), finished P1.

Great day for Racing Spirit of Leman European GT4 team, with Konstantin battling hard from P5 to P2, from a great start and strong race craft through the first 30minute stint, before handing the car to Gus for a superb battle with the leading Porsche, taking the lead on circuit and in class, before a numb er of safety car incidents ended the race under yellow flags. A superb victory and totally well deserved.

Gus left it to the last hot lap of quail, to produce a superb POLE position, blitzing away the competition. A superb start from Gus, battling hard with the SanteLoc Audi for the whole stint. Gus shut the door throughout, a high speed, zero error, two safety car restart session. Konstantin has a much easier stint than his race one session, cruising home to bring the win for the team, no pressure, no drama. A cool, sublime finish by both drivers and the team.
Well done Racing Spirit of Leman, top job and huge haul of points for the team this weekend, leading the championship on debut!

A great start, Gus and Konstantin now 1st in GT4 European Championship Pro Class.



ROUND SIX - Barcelona, SPAIN.

7th - 10th October 2021

Race One: Qualified P36, finished 12th.

Top result for Gus and Dean's first foray into European GT4 against 43+ of the best driver pairings Europe has to offer. The way the lads dealt with issues, picked themselves up and pushed hard at every session, always with a smile and positive attitude….that's how you do it! ??
Proud and happy plus bagging the European Team Champions Pro Class and the sister car cleanly taking the top spot in the Driver Championship having a flawless, trouble free season.
Points mean prizes but not that many points were up for grabs for Gus and Dean at the last round of the season sadly.
The extra weight ballast due winning in Germany did as expected, effect the car's outright pace and handling relative to the field. Mid pack quali and race results plus a tight drivers championship (3rd to 5th) put the lads in 3rd place after race one.
Race Two: Qualified P18, finished P15th.

In the second race it was all to play for, but with the last ten minutes under the safety car due to other incidents on track, it meant the lads had no chance to battle for the result that they deserved, ending up 5th overall (pro class) for the season. It feels like we have unfinished business but it's all over now!
A huge thanks to United Autosports and McLaren for the mega support this year, it's been non stop and still continues with pace….so, so many people to thank, but especially Charlie, Jodie, Xavi, Fran, Ryan and Danny ??.
Final Silver Drivers Championship: 5th (of 44).
Team Championship Silver: 1st (of 18).




2nd - 5th September 2021

Race One: Qualified P4, finished 3rd.

This is what it's all about!
Gus Bowers and Deano Macdonald bringing it home with a p3 on Saturday and a RACE WIN on Sunday!! ??????
Awesome driving and race craft by Gus and Dean all weekend against the best from Europe, on a huge 40 car grid. The results were even more impressive when you consider the lads had never raced at this circuit before! ??
Race Two: Qualified P8, finished P1.
The win also secured United Autosports as European GT4 Team Champions (Pro Class) for this season with a round to spare! What a great team at United with McLaren in our corner and support from all, incredible effort all weekend from the car 32 crew.



ROUND FOUR - Spa Francorchamps, BELGIUM

27th - 31st July 2021

Race One: Qualified P38, finished 10th.

Spa was nice, mental weather as usual, with sunny 29degC periods being interrupted with massive downpours and flooding. The circuit did a great job with all the covid protocols, full grids and an awesome 24Hour race full of action to top the weekend off. Race results were P10 and p6, but the guys feel they should have done better, although good solid work all around and points in the bag nonetheless.
Race 1 - A tough quali 1 session, with a red flag and circuit damage to repair causing the session to finish…no flyer for Gus so starting from the back of the grid. So race 1 was a p38 start and p10 in class finish, lots of good work and hard racing.
Race Two: Qualified P8, finished P6.
Dean had a p2 in the bag on quail 2 before a late track limit review moved him down to start p8. Fabulous stints by both the lads fighting for a podium during the race but ended with a p6 in class.




17th - 20th June 2021

Race One: Qualified P23, finished DNF (ABS Failure).

A weekend of action but for all the wrong reasons….the car was just not on it this weekend….it's a mechanical thing with a clever brain and even better race pilots, but sometimes things just don't work how they should.
Poor quali pace caused by a mechanical issue at the back of the car, then a huge crash caused by ABS failure with Gus at the wheel in race 1, at possibly the worst corner of the season (200kph to zero) resulted in the car skipping the gravel and smashing head on into the barrier. Gus was ok, but the car wasn't!
The medical and circuit team at Zandvoort did a fantastic job, on the scene with Gus out of the car and off to the medical centre within a few mins of impact. Gus was ready and able to race later, with the sore neck, back and ribs arriving the following day once the adrenaline had slowed down but also reminding us just how good the car was in protecting him from more serious issues.
United Autosports then pulled out all the stops and once Gus was cleared by the doctor to race, put Deano Macdonald and Gus back in the spare car for race two just a few hours later.
Race Two: Qualified P25, finished P20.
A great recovery race, although having to start from the pit lane (due replacement car), with strong pace and overtakes moving the car from 36th to finish 20th….Dean did an incredible job in his stint, whilst Gus dialled straight back in, pushing hard and getting that crash monkey off his back.
What a team, super proud of everyone's help, support and involvement this weekend….plus a special thank you to all those that asked if I was ok, when Gus was being whizzed off and assessed at the medical centre.



ROUND TWO - Circuit Paul Ricard, FRANCE

28th - 30th May 2021

Race One: Qualified P14, finished DNF (Mechanical Failure).

Gus Bowers got a hit from behind on the first lap which actually resulted in the car losing power (broken wheel bearing)on the last lap for Deano Macdonald who was working his magic behind the wheel as usual.
Race Two: Qualified P10, finished P8.
Race 2 was better, solid work, hard racing and some much needed points with a p6 in class.




16th - 18th April 2021

Race One: Qualified P9, finished P3.

Great day for the United Autosports European GT4 team, with Gus battling hard from P9 to P4, from a great start and strong race craft through the first 30minute stint, before handing the car to Dean for a strong finish, claiming the p3 in silver pro class with a rather nice trophy!!
Race Two: Qualified P1, finished P9.
Racing matter how hard you wish, it never ends how you wish!!
Quali on pole for race 2, Deano Macdonald in the hot seat. A strange set of circumstances for Dean caused him to be out of position at the start line, going 4th by turn 1, but then fighting back to 2nd after a hard 30min stint ahead of the pit window and driver change.
The race official was nice enough to then award the car a ten second pit stop penalty due to earlier infringements, which put Gus back in the car and on track at p18 with another 26mins remaining.
Another super strong stint and mega overtakes put the car back up to finally finish the race p5 in class....not the result we wanted but the guys taking positives for next month's round in the south of France at Circuit Paul Ricard.
Well done United Autosports, top job and huge haul of points for the team this weekend.

A great start, Gus and Dean now 3rd in GT4 European Championship Pro Class.

British GT ROUND SIX - 7th & 8th November 2020

Race One: Three Hour Endurance, qualified P5, finished P5.

A tough race for all the competing McLarens across the board, with straight-line speed differentials lacking to the front engine cars in both quali and race pace environments.

During the start of the three-hour marathon, an early safety car allowed the TF Astons and a Century M4 BMW to play their pit stop strategy more effectively than remainder of the GT4 field. The former passing the red light at pit stop exit to take a ten second stop and go penalty (approx. 45secs) which was better than being held behind the safety car train and being a lap down (2mins 15secs), whilst the Century BMW as a Pro Am driver line up enjoyed a shorter pit stop time and managed to exit the pit lane before the red light and safety car train completed a lap, thus being one lap ahead of all the held cars (remaining GT4 Pro cars).

A solid, mature drive from Gus and Chris, with slick pit stops completed with no issues, allowed the 57 car to race unimpeded, although we needed to wait for the last fifteen minutes for all GT4 cars to complete pit stop rotations before final race order could be truly assessed.

With the Championship being decided on completion of this race, a poor finish was needed by others to give Gus and Chris any chance of snatching the Championship or Vice Championship.

Sadly, it was not to be, as both TF'S and the 58 HHC sister car came in 2nd to 4th place ahead of the eventual P5 car (#57 HHC) of Gus and Chris.

This ensured that the boys eventually finished the British GT4 Championship in fourth place in the driver standings out of 16, whilst they came second in the GT4 team championship for HHC McLaren.

A truly great result for their rookie season in British GT4!

BRITISH GT ROUND FIVE - 3rd & 4th October 2020

ROUND FIVE - Snetterton 3rd & 4th October 2020

Race format was two, one-hour sprint races with a mandatory pit stop and driver change at the 30mins mark.

Race One: One Hour Sprint, qualified P2, finished P4.

Race Two: One Hour Sprint, qualified P4, finished P8.

Well it was wet! Tough conditions for all the drivers this weekend. HUGE skill, concentration and courage to RACE (remember not just drive) in horrendous conditions on a track as technical and as fast as Snetterton.

Can't say how proud and impressed I am of the boy's this weekend. Gus drove superb, no errors at all, super-fast pace and mature, positive attitude when faced with the many issues outside of his control.

Race 1 - Gus managed his first stint with fast pace and precision, opening up a nice gap to the cars behind and bringing the 57 car back in p2 for the driver change. A first lap outing on the grass for Chris, during the tough conditions meant car 57 lost a couple of places later, eventually finishing the race p4.

Race 2 - Chris started so well, a very brave outside run into the first corner, putting the car in full contention for a podium position based on the boys weekend race pace. However, a push and shove from a passing GT3 Bentley ended up with an off track diversion, modest front end damage and a forced pit stop at the end of the first lap to repair the car.

Running two laps down Chris passed the car to Gus at next pit stop, who proceeded to light up the timing screens with the fastest race laps (even with front end damage) going into the final 30mins, until his sister car pipped him with an absolute flyer on their last lap. Race result was p8.

More points collected but it could have been so much more. Still a small chance to affect the championship at the last round at Silverstone in November as the boys and car 57 are fifth in the championship, but need results to fall their way to win overall.

Well done to HHC Motorsport, working tirelessly in pants conditions all weekend! An amazing team, producing great results as the sister 58 car collected a p2 and a race win, with superb driving and a rock-solid car.

BRITISH GT ROUND FOUR - 19th & 20th September 2020

Race One: Three Hour Endurance, qualified P4, finished P8.

ROUND FOUR - Donington Park 19th & 20th September 2020

Race One: Three Hour Endurance, qualified P4, finished P8.

This race format was a three-hour endurance race, with three mandatory pit stops for fuel, tyres and driver change.

Chris had completed his quali session and Gus was busy in the car during the PRO class segment, when with only two minutes remaining, the engine of car 57 suddenly gave out, all power lost and oil proceeded to fall from the back of the car onto the track. This caused the qualification session to be red flagged.

The boys had done enough flying laps though to qualify 4th overall on the GT4 grid. Their highest place this season.

Once the car was back in the pit garage (6pm), the team assessed that the damage to engine was terminal and a full power unit swap was required before race day warm up at 9.15am the next day!

An all-night session ensued, as the full engineering might of HHC Motorsport (aided by the support team from McLaren) worked their way through the removal, replacement and testing of the new engine unit. This was completed by 4.30am the next day, allowing the team a few precious hours to sleep before race day started again with earnest.

Gus started the race very well, gaining a place into the first corner, up to p3, only to be held behind the safety car at the end of the first lap due to a Turn One incident caused by two GT3 cars. Gus drove a strong and superb first 45minute stint, maintaining position into the first set of pit stops and passing the car over to Chris Wesemael who also completed a strong first session in the car.

With other cars on a multitude of fuel and tyre strategies, Gus's second pitstop went from bad to worse as a miscommunication and subsequent pit box release error from Gus was heavily penalised by the race officials, resulting in two additional drive through pit stop penalties and a loss of position on track. T

he 57 car under Chris, eventually finished p8, which although disappointing after such a strong start, does mean more championship points and no success penalties at the next round in two weeks' time at Snetterton.

The sister 58 car started p2 and eventually won the 3hr race by just one second, with superb driving and more team championship points for HHC Motorsport (now second in team rankings).

The drivers' championship is very tight at the top, with Gus and Chris in 5th place, but just 8.5points from leading joint TF Sport driver pairs.

BRITISH GT ROUND THREE - Brands Hatch 29th & 30th August 2020

Race One: Two Hour Endurance, qualified P5, finished P3.

Gus started the race on the prestigious Brands Hatch GP circuit and immediately took a place from the rolling start from the sister 58 car. A multi lap battle ensued with the BMW M4 car, until a mistake and front wheel touching the gravel on turn one lost Gus momentum and position into the tight uphill Druids corner.

At the 58-minute mark, Gus radioed into the garage with a suspected front left tyre failure, only to be instructed to stay out to nurse the car for another lap, as the safety car was being called and would also allow the pit window to open, thus saving the team from two time consuming pit stops.

After a nerve-racking lap, without a tyre blow out, Gus managed to pit the car and allow the driver change to Chris, serve the 20 second success penalty from the previous win, refuel, new tyres and race for the remaining one-hour race segment.

Chris managed to move the car back up to fifth position, with a sweet, flowing move past the Toyota Supra GT4 at turn one, midway through his session. A last lap incident between teammates in the day glo Aston Martin GT4 cars (one taking a penalty, one DNF) subsequently promoted Chris and Gus up to third place with a second podium in two races!

Chris and Gus now lead the overall GT4 Drivers Championship by a half point margin, going into the next three-hour endurance race at Donington Park.


Race Two: One Hour Sprint, qualified P8, finished P1.

As the second race approached the weather began to change with the track drying out. It was a tough call for the teams whether to gamble on slick tyres or play it safe on the wet tyres. Car 58 from pole decided to stick with the wets and try to gain an advantage from being first on the grid. Gus and the 57-crew decided to gamble and pitted during the formation lap to the grid for slick tyres and to start at the back of pack, from the pit lane, some 20 seconds off the GT4 pack.

During the opening laps, Gus found it difficult for grip on slicks but as the track began to dry, he found some serious pace over the wet weather tyre runners, with a five to six second improvement in lap time. He began to make his way through the field picking off each of his competitors as he went, with some fantastic overtakes, bravely leaving the dry line for damp track to complete each move.

When the pit stop window opened, Gus stayed out and tried to capitalise on the pace and increase overall time advantage gained. When they did stop, he did so from second place behind the Pro-AM GT4 car of Euan Hankey and Mia Flewitt.

As Chris took over the 57 he had a gap of about 30 seconds to close, but his pace was strong and he started reeling in the Flewitt McLaren. Eventually with six minutes left on the clock he made his move for the lead and took the opportunity. He then used the remaining time to build car 57's overall lead.

As the chequered flag fell the team's sister car 58 took a great third place, whilst out in front Chris on his 25th birthday held on for his and Gus' first ever British GT win!

Chris and Gus are now joint third, with the 58-sister car, in the GT4 Drivers Championship.


Race One: Two Hour Endurance, qualified P6, finished P5.

Sunday brought a change in weather meaning all drivers had to adapt to the wet weather conditions. The first race was the two-hour endurance race, the first of the season with refuelling during the pit stops.

Chris started car 57 and maintained his position away from the line. He then went looking to build on his solid start. As the battle containing a number of GT4 cars including the 58 car ahead intensified, Chris used the opportunity to close in. On the 40-minute mark he capitalised on the tussle between the sister 58 car and the Academy Mustang, passing them both at the final corner. However shortly after the Mustang found a turn of pace to get back through. Chris would hand over the car to Gus in fifth place.

During the second 30-minute stint, Gus he drove at a consistently fast pace, with minimal worry from the cars behind, apart from GT3 traffic (!) but too far from the front running pack after the pit stop rotations to close any gap, finishing the race in fifth place.


Race Two: One hour sprint format, qualified P8, finished P5.

From eighth on the grid, Gus pulled off some very impressive overtakes during his 30 minute stint to hand the car over to Chris in fifth place. Shortly after this pit stop a 3-car accident caused the safety car to be deployed.

Unfortunately, the damaged cars were unrecoverable in the remaining race time, meaning the safety car stayed out until the chequered flag. Chris brought the car home in a credible fifth having been denied further progression by this issue.

Leaving Oulton Park Gus and Chris are in joint fourth in the GT4 Drivers Championship.


Race One: One hour sprint format, qualified P6, finished P5.

Chris maintained his position during his first ever British GT race start and for the entirety of his stint, despite being under immense pressure from the cars around him. He handed over to Gus in his starting position of 6th.

Gus also making his debut in British GT, showed a mature drive to keep out of trouble, pushing hard when needed and bringing the car home in fifth, a great effort and some valuable early points for the two British GT Rookies.