Gus Bowers

  • Committed, fit and very able.
  • Personable and dedicated.
  • Multi-year plan to be an elite driver.
  • Championship winning platform.
  • Supported by Xentek Motorsport & Ginetta.

Race Team: Xentek Motorsport

Professional, solid race team platform, committed to driver development and success.

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Protyre Ginetta GT5 Challenge

The Ginetta GT5 Challenge offers some incredibly close racing and  runs mainly on the prestigious British GT package. It is very well supported.

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Ginetta Hall of Fame 2017

The Ginetta series has an impressive list of 2017 drivers. See some of the best here.

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Please feel free to reach out

Racing is my passion, I have a will and desire to succeed in motorsport as a professional racing driver. Please reach out if you would like to join me on this incredible journey.

Ginetta racing


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